More beef,
less labour,

bigger profit

DataMuster is a fast, simple and accurate tool for automatically monitoring and managing the performance of your herd, right down to the individual animal.

Cutting down on labour costs

Monitoring cattle weight & suitability for market

Enhancing herd management decisions

Detecting when a cow has calved

Recording genetic data such as maternal parentage, reproductive efficiency & growth rates

Following extensive R&D at CQUniversity, DataMuster is now ready to deploy the system on working cattle stations - follow the links below on how you can get started.

"With a fully integrated DataMuster system, graziers can monitor their property, each of their animals and even the amount of water in remote troughs, all in real time from the homestead. 

- Dave Swain



Licensed under Australian Patent 2005233651 owned by Sheep CRC Ltd.

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