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Gearing up for calving at Belmont Station – DataMuster’s research hub

Belmont Research Station is a hive of activity at the moment as the CQUniversity precision livestock management research team prepares for a busy season of evaluating our latest improvements to the DataMuster automated livestock management system.

With calving season fast approaching additional DataMuster units have been deployed throughout the property to capture all-important calving and birth data.

DataYards have been constructed at 10 different sites, the cattle have been trained on the WoW, and since the DataHubs have been installed, data has been flowing for 300 breeders currently using the system.

The calving data captured at Belmont, as well as the data received from our producer partners, will be used to consolidate and refine DataMuster’s date-of-calving algorithms.

These algorithms currently detect the week of calving with 92% accuracy which is a great advancement in automated phenotyping.

DataMuster operates on Belmont Research Station throughout the year, capturing accurate and regular animal data across various animal groups.

DataMuster also tracks and records the growth of young animals on Belmont, particularly capturing 200- and 400-day weights, taking the total of online units on the property to 10.

Testing at both Belmont and on the real-world operating environments of our producer partners is essential to continually enhancing the technology to ensure it meets producer and industry needs.


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