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Getting the most out of the DataMuster dashboard

DataMuster is the engine room connecting you to your herd, displaying the critical information you need, in the format you want it.

The dashboard allows you to monitor your stock remotely by displaying data collected by the paddock-based automated livestock management systems (ALMS).

Four main components make up the dashboard: property information, property map, animal data and the filtering panel.

The property information section displays information about the property such as land area, number of grazing paddocks, carrying capacity, forage budgeting, the number of animals and their average weight, and an overview of the ALMS on the property.

The property map allows the user to view the property and its paddocks through different layers such as animal numbers, paddock size, ALMS location, available forage and more.

The animal data section contains detailed information about the performance of the animals on the ALMS. Users can track the growth of their herd and individual animals through the ‘Weekly ALMS Growth’ tab and see which animals are in a specific weight range through the 'Weekly ALMS Weights' tab. This section also shows ALMS access so you can see when animals aren’t accessing the system.

The ‘Manage Cattle’ tab allows you move animals between paddocks, move animals off the property, record deaths and change the auto-draft direction.

The filtering panel allows you to toggle between whole property view or individual paddocks and select cattle based on class and sex.

For a step-by-step guide on how to use the dashboard check out our User Tutorials!

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