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No connectivity, no problem - offline data download now available!

Lack of connectivity is a major factor preventing many cattle producers operating in rural and remote areas making the most of the suite of new agtech innovations now available.

So the DataMuster team has developed a simple solution to ensure all cattle producers, no matter where they are located, can take full advantage of information gathered at walk-over-weigh sites and the powerful data analytics provided by the DataMuster software system.

DataMuster’s DataHubs, which are mounted on the walk-over-weigh scales, now includes a simple one-touch USB download option to allow users to capture data that has been recorded offline.

When they return to the homestead, producers then simply plug in the USB to their laptop and upload the data file into the DataMuster software system for full analysis of the information.

The system has been tested and proven in the field, with the first ever USB upload received from an Offline ALMS system in Argentina in September 2020. There was a successful upload of 2315 records which were processed through the database and the data was up on the website within minutes.

With this offline option showing such promising results, producers in rural and regional areas of Australia and around the world where internet connectivity is not available can now have the confidence to be part of the agtech revolution.

The DataMuster Offline ALMS system means all producers, no matter where they are, can now capture accurate and detailed animal production data to improve their business management decisions.


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