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Paddock based auto-drafting makes mustering easy

Automated livestock management systems (ALMS) that combine walk-over-weighing (WoW) and auto-drafting provide accurate animal production data for beef producers, enabling them to make better management decisions while reducing handling and labour costs.

Paddock based auto-drafters allow producers to easily segregate high or low performing animals from the mob for sale, supplementation, or health treatments, with minimal labour requirements.

When cattle cross the WoW to access water their RFID tag is read, and the automatic drafting gate is triggered one of three ways.

The auto-draft direction can be changed anytime and anywhere for individual animals with the click of a button on the DataMuster Dashboard.

This technology offers great savings in labour as cattle do not need to be physically mustered and drafted.

Auto-drafting also facilitates improved animal welfare outcomes as animals aren’t losing condition as they’re walked long distance to the yards. More kilos of beef at sale and more money in the producer’s pocket.

For best results we recommend installing the WoW first and getting the cattle used to walking over the weigh platform and exiting through the spear gates. This process may take a few weeks.

Once cattle are calmly crossing the WoW on a regular basis the auto-drafter can be installed directly after the WoW platform.

For more information contact the team at DataMuster!

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