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Smaller, lighter, tougher – the evolution of DataMuster

Once a bulky item, DataMuster Datahub’s are now compact and lightweight, but still built to withstand the extreme elements of extensive grazing landscapes.

As research and innovation expands our DataMuster software offering, so too is hardware constantly evolving to improve to better meet producer needs.

The original DataHubs were built large to incorporate the Tru-Test EID reader on the inside, as well as the DataMuster system’s micro-computing hardware.

These EID readers are no longer incorporated inside the boxes as most producers opt for bluetooth EID readers which are located with the panel antenna and attached to the wooden panel next to the walk-over-weigh platform.

This has allowed the team to significantly reduce the size and weight of our DataHubs.

With changes in the hardware has come matching improvements in our software, with producers now able to access the DataHub via their smartphone.

This feature comes in handy when users want to check the system is running correctly or if some troubleshooting is required.

Users can zero the load bars, restart the system, run diagnostics, check the battery voltage and check the load bar output all from their smartphone.

This feature is great in situations where users may have turned their box off to move to it to a new paddock and want to do a quick check to make sure the system weighing, scanning and recording correctly before letting the cattle in.

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