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Top five tips to keep your DataMuster system running smoothly

The aim of the game is to capture more data, more often for better business decisions, and like any farm hardware, some regular TLC goes a long way to maximizing output from your investment.

While the DataMuster team will take care of the servicing and maintenance of the technology within the DataHub, it’s also just as important that DataMuster users regularly check up on the rest of the equipment.

Tip 1: Remove dirt and faeces from underneath the weigh platform

Dirt and faeces will build up underneath and around the weigh platform with increased use of the system. The regular removal of this buildup is important to ensure accurate weights are being recorded.

Tip 2: Keep the solar panels clean

Over time dust and bird faeces will cloud the solar panel, decreasing its performance. To ensure optimum performance keep the panel clean of build-up by going over the panel with a soft cloth and soapy water.

Tip 3: Maintain batteries

Check the voltage of the battery does not drop below 12 volts. If possible, keep the battery shaded and out of the elements.

Tip 4: Monitor your email alerts

Users will receive email alerts if any animals have not been recorded passing over the ALMS in the past 72 hours, triggering them to go out and check for cattle that haven’t been visiting the trough.

Lack of data, or unusual weight records, could also be a sign of system failure due to dirt build up under the weigh panel, or lack of energy from the batteries.

Tip 5: Routinely check your telemetry system is operational.

Users will receive a warning email when communication to the base has been cut. This could mean the battery has died, the system has unexpectedly shut down, cords have been chewed or a network outage.


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