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DataMuster offers great technology packages to deliver data-driven herd management for all types of beef business. Start your journey to more beef, less labour and bigger profits, by following our
three simple steps to automated livestock management.

Automated livestock management has never been easier.



IT audit and herd analysis report



12month software subscription (first 3 months free)



The DataMuster team will help you take stock of the data already at your fingertips and identify the best system for your business objectives. Our staff will conduct an IT audit of your existing data recording systems and recommend a solution to integrate them with DataMuster. The audit will include a customised report breaking down your current herd data to provide you with new insights into animal performance and how you can use that information to drive profit in your business. Our starter pack also includes a DataMuster software account subscription to allow you to upload, store and analyse your crush-side measurements on an ongoing basis.



Developing DataDirections

12 month software subscription at



Optional personalised herd analysis reports

for first 2000 head

plus 7c/head per transaction for all additional animals beyond 2000 head

Get a feel for the power of DataMuster’s analysis system by uploading weight information you’ve already gathered at the crush-side. DataMuster will store this data for your and allow you to interrogate it with ease any time and from any where. The DataMuster team can also provide customised reporting in your preferred format and provide you with a simple and easy to understand report on any aspect of your herd’s make up or performance. Reports will be customised according to your business objectives and profit drivers.



DataMuster DataMaster

12 month software subscription from



Walk-over-weigh platform fitted with our unique DataHub technology system


Optional auto-drafter linked with your software account




Make better herd management decisions with real-time performance data accessible from your phone or laptop. This comprehensive package fully integrates your data-driven automated livestock management system and allows you to take full advantage of all the profit-power provided by DataMuster. 


The web-based DataMuster software features:

  • Unlimited number of properties on the system

  • Unlimited data storage

  • Unlimited number of animal records

  • A personal DataMuster support officer and ongoing advice

  • Customised data reporting

    • Daily risk alerts

    • Weekly activity updates

    • Quarterly strategic reviews

    • Annual financial summaries


DataMuster walk-over-weigh units feature:

  • the best of Gallaghers load bars

  • custom-built platforms and panels from Stark Engineering

  • a DataHub and solar power to capture, analyse and transmit* daily growth rate data to your DataMuster account.


The DataMuster auto-drafter is an optional extra for your paddock-based walk-over-weigh system. Custom-built by Stark Engineering, the drafter features:

  • a three-way gate

  • quiet electric powered movements

  • solar-power system and

  • links to the DataHub on your walk-over-weigh scales, with drafting instructions set from your desktop via your DataMuster account.


To maximise value from you’re the DataMuster software storage and analysis service, we link the system to your paddock based walk-over-weigh scales and autodrafter. But we will only charge you when you receive high-quality data for your business. That’s why we’re introducing a per head charge for only those animals that have recorded an average weekly weight (based on a minimum of four crossings of the walk over weigh system in one week).

DataMuster will charge:

  • 25c/head/month for your first 1000 animals on walk-over-weigh

  • An additional 15c/head/month for all additional animals.


Put simply, for most producers the cost of DataMuster is less than $5/head/year – a great deal when compared to the cost of mustering a herd or manually recording and analysing animal data. Software packages are offered with a minimum 12-month contract with costs calculated monthly based on usage and charged directly to your credit card.


We pride ourselves on having an ongoing relationship with our customers and will contact you regularly to discuss progress and performance, and how the data insights might assist in your herd management decision making. This is all part of the service provided as part of your subscription plan.


From time to time, however, you may need that little bit of extra help. We can visit your property to provide equipment servicing or business planning support based on the insights provided by DataMuster. Cost will depend on the type of activity and your location – please contact us for a quote.


To make sure you receive maximum benefit from the DataMuster system, our staff will personally help you install the hardware at your watering points on your property, and guide you through the cattle training process.   While there, they will also collect GPS points to map your paddocks to personalise the display of data on your DataMuster software account.**

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