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herd management

Más carne, menos mano de obra, manejo del rodeo

mayor ganancia.

DataMaster es una herramienta rápida, simple y precisa para monitorear y administrar automáticamente el rendimiento de su rodeo, hasta el animal individual.


The main reason I have gone down the path of implementing Walk Over Weighing into our Organic beef fattening operation is to be able to identify cattle that are ready to sell at a specific weight earlier.


By using the data I can forecast a date where numbers of cattle will be finished by and book them in accordingly. This also will help with not keeping bigger cattle that should be sold and replaced with a smaller animal, prompting better pasture utilisation.


This data will also be useful to analyse to identify when cattle have hit a plateau in certain paddocks to prompt the shifting to fresher grasses.


Hopefully, with the addition of the drafting module this can be set up in a situation where it can draft off prospective cattle for sale without having to muster and draft through the whole mob of 700.


This leaves the majority of the mob in the paddock doing what they do best.

Carl & Monica Anderson // Carisma Stn


DataMaster puede mejorar la rentabilidad al:

Reducir los costes laborales.

Monitoreo del peso del ganado y su idoneidad para el mercado.

Mejorar las decisiones de manejo del rodeo

Detectar cuando una vaca ha parido.

Registro de datos genéticos tales como parentesco materno, eficiencia reproductiva y tasas de crecimiento.

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cattle monitoring

"Con un sistema DataMaster totalmente integrado, los ganaderos pueden monitorear sus empresas, cada uno de sus animales e incluso la disponibilidad de agua en aguadas distantes, todo en tiempo real desde la casa del campo." 

- Dave Swain


Después de una extensa investigación y desarrollo en CQUniversity Australia, DataMaster está listo para implementar el sistema en establecimientos comerciales en Argentina. Siga los enlaces a continuación para comenzar.

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We hope to be able to use DataMuster across our whole herd to measure and monitor not just weight gain in growing animals but also identify fertility and efficiency traits in the breeders.


By being able to ‘mother-up’ calves to cows in our extensive rangeland we hope to identify those cow families which have the best inter-calving periods, calf weights, and calf weight gains.


This will allow us to track the fertility of the daughters, granddaughters, and further down the generations to identify the best genetic lines. Using this data if we identify a negative trait we will be able to remove the whole genetic line.


The value of DataMuster is that we will be measuring this data on our herd under our management in our environmental conditions.


Jay & Rebecca Mohr-Bell // Mathison Stn



CQUniversity Australia,

Building 361, Ibis Avenue,

North Rockhampton Qld 4702

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