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Capturing the right data for your business

What is the goal you want to achieve from walk-over-weighing?

Data collected by the DataMuster platform helps producers make informed management decisions through the analysis of daily weights for everything from managing calving through to timing turn-offs to capture market premiums.

But ensuring the right information is delivered for your business requires some forward planning.

That’s why the CQUniversity research team is working hand in hand with commercial producers to test the DataMuster technology in real-world operating environments. But before any hardware is deployed on farm, our first step is to sit down with you to develop a holistic herd management strategy to maximise the value of the information to be gathered.

For example, this planning will ensure that the technology is placed in the right paddock where access to the watering site can be controlled. Where calving weights and dates are monitored, paddocks need to be easily accessible for checking calves, and if required, tagging them for weighing and maternal parentage information.

Strategically thinking about the location of the hardware will also ensure the technology is not pitted in an unwinnable fight against nature – the planning process captures contingencies for big rain events that may cause temporary diversions from the main water point. Hail storms, frosts or showers that degrade the feed resource are also considered.

Once the hardware is installed, the cattle need to be familiarised with the system. CQUni staff are happy to assist in the training process as this is an vital step in the process and it’s important to allow sufficient time available.

Finally, when the time comes to commence data gathering, CQUniversity researchers will sit down with you for familiarisation with the DataMuster software. Producers typically find this a very valuable part of the process.

During the tutorial, your property maps, any crush side weights you have recorded, as well as the inventory of EID numbers of the subject animals, are incorporated onto the platform, as we customise the display and reporting format specifically for your business.

Start the journey by contacting DataMuster today.

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