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DataMuster delivers early animal health warning

The DataMuster automated livestock management systems not only record animal performance, but provide graziers with an early warning system into the health and wellbeing of individual animals.

This was powerfully demonstrated just last week when an alert was automatically raised by the DataMuster system and sent to the livestock manager at the Balcarce Research Station in Argentina.

One of the bulls in the Balcarce herd had not been recorded by DataMuster as having crossed the walk-over-weigh scales for three days.

This triggered an email alert with the animal’s individual identification (both eID and management tag), its description, paddock number, and the time it was last recorded by the system.

The Balcarce property manager immediately acted on the alert and found that the bull had injured its front left foreleg.

The system’s successful detection of the alteration in animal behaviour resulted in the bull being treated immediately and quickly returned to full health.

For graziers managing extensive properties and large herds, this case shows the power of the DataMuster system for protecting animal health and productivity, provided the system is well managed and the animals have been properly trained to access water daily via the weigh platform.

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