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DataMuster on trial in Argentina

Argentinean cattle producers are embracing the opportunity to test the DataMuster system as part of a three-year research trial to adapt the technology to South American conditions.

Four walk-over-weigh units fitted with DataMuster’s DataHubs have been deployed at research stations operated by Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technologies (INTA), with a field day to be held this week at the Anguil Research Station to demonstrate the system to producers interesting in participating in the trials.

It is expected that a further 10 DataMuster units will be deployed onto working cattle farms over coming months, with information gleaned from the trials to go towards enhancing the technology and customising the software for the Argentinean market.

These properties have already been mapped and loaded into the DataMuster system, with producers now in the process of uploading crush-side data, tag numbers and herd information to provide the baseline for future individual animal reporting.

The researchers at INTA have developed valuable experience in digitally mapping properties, building the walk-over-weigh compounds and training animals.

The animal usage rates at the Balcarce Research Station some of the best-ever recorded on DataMuster, and the insights gained by the INTA team into how this success was achieved w

ill be invaluable for commercial producers looking to follow suit.

The trials have also provided valuable technical breakthroughs which have resulted in hardware enhancements. For example, new modems have been fitted which have dramatically improved the telecommunications from paddock to laptop.


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