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Where to start when building your DataYard

Just like no property is the same as another, there is no universal, one-size fits all when it comes to building your DataYard.

But a well-designed DataYard is critical in how effectively a herd utilizes the DataMuster System.

This is why the DataMuster team work with producers to assist them with the planning and design of their DataYard to ensure it works effectively for their herd and the business.

A good starting point is looking at your existing infrastructure. If you have existing yards or fencing, such as a dam square instead of a trough, you can utilize this as an ideal spot to put your DataYard.

The size of the DataYard depends on two things: the number of animals within the mob, and whether the yard is around a small trough or a large dam.

Using temporary panels is a great way to set up the yard and provides the option of relocating the system to other parts of the property. A guide for the number of cattle panels is based on herd size, with a ratio is 30-35 cattle panels for every 50-100 breeders.

As we know, what works on one property for a particular herd may not work as well on another. Some producers find success in longer entry races which draw the cattle along the race, walk-over-weigh and to the water point, helps to ensure a calm steady pace.

Other producers have opted for shorter races, while some DataYards have large wings and a widened race at entry to entice the cattle into the DataYard.

The test of whether the chosen design is working correctly is seeing cattle calmly crossing the ALMS weigh platform by their own free will and at their own pace.

For more ideas on how to design your DataYard check out our top six tips for setting up a successful DataYard!

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