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Your new contact at DataMuster

DataMuster users have a new point of contact to help with their equipment installations and ongoing support, with Jane Dunn joining our team.

Jane has joined the team while Hannah Jasperson takes a 12-month break for maternity leave.

Jane grew up on her family’s cattle property near Beaudesert in South-East Queensland and studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at The University of Queensland Gatton.

She brings to the team a fresh perspective on the potential for DataMuster to improve grazing businesses and land management, having previously worked in environmental sustainability in livestock systems.

Specifically, Jane worked with cattle and sheep producers to measure greenhouse gas emissions and increase knowledge of carbon sequestration and mitigation options in ruminant livestock systems.

With this in mind, she understands the importance of ag-technologies like DataMuster for capturing real-time, accurate data to improved herd and property management.

Jane is looking forward to getting started working with the DataMuster team and producers, while learning about how we can continue to improve the system and reach more producers across Australia.

Jane’s first priority will be in contacting existing and prospective DataMuster users to understand their needs and their experiences with the technology.

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